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Crystal clear
font licensing.

Easy to understand, worry-free font license for creatives, IT managers, and purchase departments. Find the right license for your company and clients in a click. Create, integrate and ship your creative assets without questioning compliance.

Production Type is trusted by the creatives at

Next-level licensing

“We have been able to work licensing fast and frictionless, and get everything covered.”

Vittoria Fontana
Assistant VP brand development, CitiBank

Circulate font assets freely within your company

No more limit on users or computers. Our model scales easily, across time and space.

Universal metrics for all

Your company’s name and size is all the info you need to get started. We don’t collect website pageviews, or other hard-to-find data.

Adapt to new work conditions

Free trials, cloud computing, remote workers, shared assets? It’s all in.

Finally manage fonts
like the other creative assets
you are used to.

Universal metrics that we all know

Wether your are starting your business or launching a worldwide ad campaign, find your licensing solution.

Stop chasing information around

One core EULA document plus add-ons. Easy to count, easy to assess, our new modular license is a model you can finally understand.

One wizard to guide you through

Use our license assistant to find out which is the right license for you. In less than 3 minutes.

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Ask us about everything fonts

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How the world’s largest luxury group stroke a font licensing deal

“It was a no-brainer. The greenlighting process got us through with the perfect fonts for us.”

Virginie de Rincquesen
Head of Information, LVMH

A license model
fair to all.

For studios and small companies

Fair pricing for freelancers and young businesses, at market current.

For medium and large agencies

Circulate fonts within the company and get exactly the right cover for your project.

For brands

Secure your brand assets once and for all, across all touchpoints.

Solving liability risks one font at a time

No more wondering if you have the right license.

There’s always a right license.

From a mobile app to global advertising, from
social media to exhibition projects, we cover 100%
of the edge cases we’ve ever had to manage.

Social media
Video game

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Next-level licensing

We use metrics that you already know.

Count based on company size

Quickly select the right license scale without thinking twice.

Modern-day license options

Social media posts, merchandising, events? It's all taken care of.

Universal metrics

Time-based and zone-based licenses that you can assess on your own.

No more pageviews count

The web license just got a lot easier to manage.

Share font with all employees

No more wondering if that one extra seat is covered.

Circulate fonts like other creative assets

Circulate the fonts alongside other media like artworks or sound and movie clips.

Popular license add-ons, explained

Many requests can be addressed by our most common license add-ons.

Product Packaging & Merchandise

License for use in product packaging and labels, promotional or commercial goods, and merchandise such as textile products and accessories.

Pricing is determined by the company size, the geographical zone of distribution, and the duration of the license.


License for use of an outlined font, modified or not, in an artwork that can be trademarked or registered such as logo, brand mark, tagline, baseline, or slogan.

Pricing is determined by the company size, the geographical zone of use of the logo, and the duration of the license.


License for use in advertising campaigns, audio-visual ads, billboard.

Pricing is determined by the company size and the duration of the license.